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HIV Self-testing Africa (STAR) Symposium

Globally, 25% of People Living with HIV (PLHIV) were still unaware of their HIV status in 2017: a “testing gap” that should be 10% or less by 2020.

HIV self-testing (HIVST) was first trialed in 2012 in Malawi, with 27 thousand HIVST kits funded through Wellcome for community-based use. Promising results lead onto STAR-funded from 2015 to catalyze rapid HIVST scale-up, that has delivered over 1 million kits in the first 2 years and driven policy and regulatory changes that have enabled 45 countries to support HIVST, with 6 million kits procured for global use in 2018/19.

The Symposium will highlight critical project partnerships, components, and research findings that supported such rapid translation into policy, as well as key research evidence to meet both donor and consumer needs.

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