HIV Self-Testing Africa Initiative – Research

STAR outcomes

The STAR Initiative aims to answer key public health questions about HIV self-testing (HIVST) and to increase the effective use of HIVST, including ensuring adequate linkage to treatment and prevention services. To achieve this, the STAR Initiative will:

Star_icons-01      Increase access and use of HIVST

Establish and optimise distribution models for quality-assured HIV self-tests in each project country, including effective linkage into prevention, treatment and care services.

Star_icons-02      Increase informed demand

Increase informed demand for quality-assured HIVST, including defining the best marketing strategies and consumer packaging.

Star_icons-03      Reduce strategic barriers

Reduce policy barriers to market entry for quality-assured HIVST products, including release of WHO normative guidance, and integration of HIVST into national policies and algorithms in project countries.

Star_icons-04      Remove structural barriers

Reduce structural barriers to market entry for quality-assured HIVST products by generating routine market intelligence, supporting manufacturers pursuing WHO pre-qualification and facilitating establishment of a harmonised regional regulatory framework.

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