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STAR Researchers love to engage in direct discussions and share their findings early on international conferences and meetings. Download our list of abstracts and other dissemination meetings.

STAR Publications:


Conference presentations

AIDS Conference Virtual (July 6th – 10th 2020, San Francisco, USA)


JIAS Special Issue: Realizing the Realizing the potential of HIV self-testing for Africa: lessons learned from the STAR project
Guest Editors: Vincent J Wong, Nathan Ford, Kawango Agot
Supplement Editor: Anna Grimsrud
Conference presentations


  • Joseph E, Barr-DiChiara M, Neuman M, Babbar S, Quinn C, Jamil M, Rachel Baggaley, R & Johnson C. HIV self-testing – where do we stand?: A review of HIV self-testing policies in 45 countries. Poster presentation
  • Johnson C & Meyer-Rath G. Costing workshop on HIVST and PrEP for policy makers
  • Terris-Prestholt F & Meyer-Rath G. Global village presentation on costing HIVST

AIDS Impact (29-31 July, London)




Further publications from STAR Authors

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